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Our natural birthright is one of love and joy.  Life is not meant to be an endless struggle, full of pain and fear.  Unfortunately, most of us have now lost our ability to tune into universal love and joy at all times.  Most of us are more or less constantly lost in a fog of painful memories and anxiety about the future.

But the really good news is that there are now some wonderfully effective practices that can enable all of us to live radiantly.

Gloria Hanson and Peggy-Jane Rogers (also known as Peggy Foster)  have been putting radiant living principles into practice in their own lives for over 20 years and teaching these principles for over a decade.  They have taken a vow to live their own lives in joy and love.  Their greatest fulfilment in life is now to share the secrets of living radiantly with others through:

     Infinite Tai Chi: 

Slow gentle movement to calm your mind, relax your body and free your spirit.

     Infinite Chi Kung: 

Strengthening breathing exercises to cultivate radiant energy and good health.


The perfect means to still your over-busy mind and open your heart to lasting love and joy.

     A Course in Miracles: 

A spiritual mind-training programme to lead you out of fear and back home to love.

     Energy Healing & Spiritual Counselling: 

Designed to assist you to identify and release self-sabotaging programmes from your mind and body.


For information about other events and courses that Gloria Hanson and Peggy Foster are involved with please visit www.mindfuul-solutions.co.uk